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Ryan Shank - Executive Director

Ian Long - Creative Director

Board of Directors

Rachel Ballentine

Esports Director, The Emerald Foundation

Katie Breit

Senior Sales Director, WPMT Fox 43

John Carpenter

Relationship Manager, Members 1st Credit Union

Dr. Roger Godin 

Former Dean and Lecturer of Film & Media Studies, 

Franklin & Marshall College

Cheila Huettner

Partner, Zoetropolis

Penn Ketchum

Managing Partner, Penn Cinema

James Reichenbach 

President, Lancaster City Council

Max Zug

Senior Director, TC Motion



Scott Lentz - Lentz Film

Filmmaker Award Categories

Best Picture: $10,000

The top prize is awarded to best feature film that celebrates character driven narratives.

Best Short Narrative Film: $2,500

Awarded to the best short film with content specific to character driven or culturally related content.

Best Documentary:  $2,500

A top prize is awarded to the best non-fiction film.

Best Student: $2,500

A top prize is awarded to the best film created by a student(s) who is currently in college (or was enrolled in college in 2020). A valid student ID photo must accompany your submission.

Innovation Award (New Media Recognition): Recognition is given to the best new technology and digital content. 

The NextGen: (High School) Awarded to best local (Central PA) high schools to submit the single best short film (less than 15 min.) from their students.

The Red Rose (Local Recognition) 

Recognition given to a film directed by a
Lancaster County resident irrespective of other categories.